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Our web design Auckland team can deliver you a high-quality website designed to attract and retain customers maximising your online sales. We do this by ensuring a fully responsive design, an easy-to-use product search function, optimised calls to action, and clear branding.

Why is it essential to have a website that stands out?

The digital landscape is expanding every day, and your business needs to find its rightful place in this landscape. In October 2021, around 1.18 billion websites on the internet were competing to draw traffic, and many of them had the tools to convince visitors to buy their products or services. So whether you are running a small or medium business, you need to have a website that does just that: turns site visits into leads!

A professionally designed website can trigger the decision of people who find this website to buy. If your website is not aesthetically inviting and lacks the features your visitors look for, you will miss out on many sales. 

If you need to build a website from scratch or upgrade the one you already have, contact our Auckland website design team, we will get to work on your project!

Your website is your business card

On average, a visitor needs only 5 seconds to decide to stay or not on a website. In those 5 seconds, a visitor can assess if your website has what they are looking for, whether that is a modern design, a clear layout or the most recent functionalities. Obviously, if they don't find what they are looking for, they search for it elsewhere. That's why it is vital to have a highly functional, smooth-running, professional-looking website that will tell your visitors that you are a partner they can do business with. If you're looking for website design services in Auckland, we are here to deliver your site fast and with all essential functionalities included.

Invest in your website to make more money

The building or upgrading of your website is an investment, not a cost. This investment pays off as your site will encourage visitors to buy your products or services. If you're looking for website design services in Auckland, we are here and ready to create your new online presence.

Upgrade your site to increase your business profitability!

With technology moving so fast and customer needs changing every day, you need to be ahead of the market with a periodically upgraded website.

A website is a living advertising tool for your brand and business. A modern and eye-catching website two years ago will not be considered state-of-the-art today.

Upgrading your website is a sure method to keep or increase the profitability of your business because:

  • it helps you overtake your competition – permanent updates keep your site competitive and attracts new visitors;
  • it improves your SEO – revamping your website means adding quality content that can boost your SEO and your leads;
  • It brings more traffic, exposure and sales – an upgraded site provides a higher quality experience for visitors who are more inclined to create an account, buy your products or recommend your site to others.

Our web design Auckland team is excellent at building or revamping websites, so let’s talk!

Use our web design Auckland team to build or upgrade your site

What would you think about a business whose website takes ages to load? Or whose mobile version has a poor or overcrowded layout? You would not be too keen to buy something from that business, that’s for sure.

Our team of web design Auckland professionals can deliver you a website that stands out because:

  • it has a design that highlights the strengths of your business;
  • it stays functional no matter the traffic peaks;
  • it runs without delays regardless of the changes you implement after it goes live;
  • it has technical parameters that enable it to adjust to your business needs;
  • it’s responsive and looks professional in both its mobile and desktop version;
  • it’s SEO optimised, allowing more people to learn about your business;
  • it provides visitors with a high-quality experience;
  • it helps your business rank better in Google search results;
  • it stays updated with the latest software updates.

We are local, and we operate internationally

Thanks to a team of web designers that work with us remotely, we can build or upgrade your site no matter where you are in the world. Since we are free from any brick-and-mortar head office expenses, we can pass our cost savings into our prices.

Build or upgrade your site with our web design Auckland team

We provide services, a reliable business partnership, and an experience customised to your needs!

Our web design Auckland services include:

Website design

Specialising in WordPress design, we ensure you can modify your website’s content fast and easily. Customised to your industry’s specifics and business needs, our solutions match perfect websites built from zero and sites needing a significant upgrade or fine-tuning.


The websites we create for our customers are, first of all, responsive and user friendly. Our websites provide your customers with a great experience when shopping on your site. They are equipped with multiple payment gateway integrations, featuring optimised SEO tools and orders and inventory management modules.

Website hosting

Security is a serious topic in the wonderful world of the internet, and we take it seriously. Our hosting services include the latest developments such as PHP, daily backups, WordPress, fast server speed, Plug-ins or hacker-free security. Moreover, we commit to fixing your site for free if it’s ever compromised. This ensures you can carry on with your daily business without wasting any time solving your site’s technical problems.

Our web design Auckland team deliver tailored-to-your needs, stunning websites through a 5-step easy process:

Stage 1


Once you have made contact with us our first step is to understand your needs and wants for your new website.  We research your business and your competitors to get a feel for your market.

Stage 2

Begin the Build

We will begin to create a design for the look, layout, and functionality of your website.  This will show you the layout and how your website will be structured.

Stage 3

Initial Review

You will have the opportunity to look at the initial design and make revisions.

Stage 4

Website Build

The required revisions from your initial review will be made, and you will have another opportunity to review the design.

Stage 5


Your website goes live.

The websites our web design Auckland team deliver are:

  • Modern
  • SEO optimised
  • Catchy looking
  • Fast
  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile responsive

Contact our web design Auckland team to receive a price quotation and an implementation timeline for building or revamping your site! We work fast, transparent and in a professional manner.

Put your business on the online map that matters – the map of outstanding business websites!

Small Powerful Team

Having no big office or staff onsite keeps our overheads low, enabling us to pass the savings onto you.

Meet Janet on the left and Sandra on the right.

Massive Advantage

By utilizing qualified staff from around the world.

Super Quick

Your website can be fully renovated or built in a week.

Excellent Support

We're just a phone call or email away.

"Here's what TW Wines said about our work..."

TW Wines engaged with Openbox Marketing to totally rebuild our website, and what a great job these guys did, not only revamped the whole look but also made the site mobile friendly. They also introduced online product payment, which has made a huge difference to the amount of sales that come through the website. Sandra and the team were so easy to deal with, and nothing was ever a problem.

Paul Tietjen

Co-owner of TW Wines

Would you like to start a project with our web design Auckland team?

Why Choose Us?

We have a few good reasons why you should …

For us, it’s all about adding value to your business or brand.  

We take our client work seriously, but not ourselves. 

Either Sandra or Janet will take your call or answer your email personally.  Then we’ll communicate with you directly throughout your project.

Your business is unique, and so are your website and SEO requiements. There is no one size fits all here!

Not many website designers are SEO specialists.  But we are!

We are not a big agency and we know you want to keep costs down.

Our accreditations from the eBusiness Institute in Australia include:

  • SEO Website Design & Content Marketing – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Conversion Optimisation & WordPress Website Design – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Digital Marketing & SEO Audit – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Website Data Analytics & Reporting – CERTIFIED 
  • Webmaster Management & Website Security – CERTIFIED

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