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If you have a small or medium-sized Auckland business, our local SEO Auckland team can help you design, implement, and periodically review your local SEO strategy to attract and retain more customers.

Use local SEO to grow your local business!

If you own a small or medium bricks-and-mortar local business that customers can reach within a 10 to 20 minutes drive, it’s time to design, implement, or update your local SEO strategy!

The increased access to mobile Internet has prompted the rise of local searches on mobile devices, which in 2019 accounted for “46% of all Google searches“.

Local searches are conducted when Internet users need to find products or services available in their area or close by. With a properly designed, customised local SEO strategy, your local business can be found by more customers, and our SEO Auckland team can deliver precisely this type of strategy! As the interest of your surrounding community for your online presence grows, so does your business!

What is local SEO, and how does it work?

Local SEO, otherwise called “local Search Engine Optimisation“, represents a set of tactics and techniques created to improve your business’ position in local search rankings.  

When an Internet user types a word + the term “local” in a search engine, they get a list of results matching the search criteria. In other words, Google, which is the most popular search engine (having a 74.54% market share), displays a list of websites that match the search. In our opinion, the main objective of your local business regarding online visibility should be to rank as high as possible in this list because this increases the chances for your business, products, or services to be chosen by the user conducting a local search.

How can you make your business more visible?

One of the handiest tools is registering your company with a Google My Business listing. 

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information“. (Google)

Suppose your local business is listed correctly in Google My Business (or Google Business Profile as it has been known since November 2021). In that case, its chances of being displayed in a high position in the search rankings increase significantly.

How can our SEO Auckland team help your business improve its local SEO and search results ranking?

Since “78% of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase“, it’s essential for your business to be among the top results a potential customer sees when conducting a local search.

Our SEO Auckland professionals can help your business rank higher in these results by:

Auditing your company's GMB listing

If your business is currently listed on GMB, we check that your essential data listed is correct and complete. This auditing includes your company’s name (as it appears on your business card), physical address and phone number (NAP), opening hours, e-mail and website URL. We write a catchy business description; we take care of your secondary data, such as photos; we check the posts displayed in the GMB and the business categories in which you have listed your business. There are two types of categories: primary and secondary. It is essential to put the business in the right primary category, as this impacts rankings. Secondary categories are also important, and we will make sure they are the closest match to categories relevant for your business.


We create unique, informative and engaging content for your website. High-quality content establishes a reputation for your business as a trustworthy provider within your local community and surrounding area. When visitors find valuable and engaging content on a website, they will come back for more and buy the products promoted through that type of high-quality content. Our local SEO Auckland team can deliver unique and relevant content for your local target audience that will differentiate you from your local competitors

Creating a solid structure of local citations

Citations are online referrals of other companies to your business information (NAP and eventually a link to your website).

Listing your business on other business resources

General business directories, industry-specific directories, local business directories and more.

Website design

We build a responsive, beautifully designed and local SEO, mobile-friendly website for your business. Your website is your business card on the entire World Wide Web, so this promoting tool must build and not break your business. 

Asking for reviews from your customers

And turning them into a successful tool for optimising your local SEO strategy. Since 88% of local consumers trust online reviews, we make sure that we engage customers in interactions with your company to increase their interest and the likelihood of them recommending your products or services to others.

We deliver both on-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to actions we perform directly on your website to improve its online visibility. Examples of on-page SEO are placing strategic keywords into your content writing compelling descriptions and meta titles. Off-page SEO techniques include, for example, publishing guest posts on your website or registering your website on business resources like the ones mentioned earlier.

Why choose our SEO Auckland team for defining or updating your local SEO strategy?

First thing you should know about us: we deliver solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and objectives. These solutions are successful, and that success is measurable.

Second: our degree of commitment and excitement is the same for each new project since this is how we grow our expertise and experience.

Third: we pass our cost savings to you! That’s right, by working with a remote team of experts in local SEO, we have no fuss with a head-office, we keep our expenses low, and we pass the cost savings in the prices we charge to our customers, including you!

Last but not least: we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, so we attend training, and we keep up with the latest developments, trends and innovations.

Contact us to discuss your new, improved and customised local SEO strategy! It is worth it!

Small Powerful Team

Having no big office or staff onsite keeps our overheads low, enabling us to pass the savings onto you.

Meet Janet on the left and Sandra on the right.

Massive Advantage

By utilizing qualified staff from around the world.

Super Quick

Your website can be fully renovated or built in a week.

Excellent Support

We're just a phone call or email away.

"Here's what TW Wines said about our work..."

TW Wines engaged with Openbox Marketing to totally rebuild our website, and what a great job these guys did, not only revamped the whole look but also made the site mobile friendly. They also introduced online product payment, which has made a huge difference to the amount of sales that come through the website. Sandra and the team were so easy to deal with, and nothing was ever a problem.

Paul Tietjen

Co-owner of TW Wines

Would you like to start a SEO Auckland project with us?

Why Choose Us?

We have a few good reasons why you should …

For us, it’s all about adding value to your business or brand.  

We take our client work seriously, but not ourselves. 

Either Sandra or Janet will take your call or answer your email personally.  Then we’ll communicate with you directly throughout your project.

Your business is unique, and so are your website and SEO requiements. There is no one size fits all here!

Not many website designers are SEO specialists.  But we are!

We are not a big agency and we know you want to keep costs down.

Our accreditations from the eBusiness Institute in Australia include:

  • SEO Website Design & Content Marketing – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Conversion Optimisation & WordPress Website Design – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Digital Marketing & SEO Audit – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Website Data Analytics & Reporting – CERTIFIED 
  • Webmaster Management & Website Security – CERTIFIED

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