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If you have a small or medium-sized eCommerce business, it’s essential to have your website visible, SEO optimised and featuring all the elements that can ensure a high position in search results.  Contact our eCommerce SEO Agency Christchurch team to move your business up those search engine rankings.

eCommerce SEO can help you grow your online store!

With 65,2 per cent of worldwide Internet users shopping online at least one time in 2021, e-Commerce is expected to grow at even greater rates in the coming years. And the competition between online stores is fierce, as being present, being visible, and delivering what people search for on the Internet are keys to increasing sales and growing such a store.

eCommerce SEO is one of the most valuable tools that businesses can use in making sure that they are present and visible and that they stand out in the world of www.

With an efficient e-Commerce Search Engine Optimisation designed by our eCommerce SEO agency Christchurch team, your online shop can attract more customers, increase its sales and of course, grow.

What is eCommerce SEO, and how does it work?

eCommerce SEO is a set of strategies, tactics, and actions designed and implemented to rank a business in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Ranking high in these results draws more visitors to your website, turning into conversions. eCommerce SEO means optimising everything related or contained by your website, from headlines to product descriptions and user experience. 

How does it work? Simple: search engines like Google use “spiders” (automated robots) to collect various information about existing websites. Based on this information, which ranges from pages speed loading to titles tags, search engines determine the ranking of search results. Google, for example, uses more than 200 elements to rank SERPs when a search on the Internet is conducted.

A business that understands these elements and how they work can conduct specific SEO actions to get its site top of search results.

A specialised agency like our eCommerce SEO agency Christchurch team has the knowledge, skills and experience to define and perform actions that will put your business among top-ranking results.

Why should you care about eCommerce SEO?

In 2019, around 5.5 billion searches were conducted every day on Google, meaning 63,000 searches per second. That shows that Google search is the first tool people use when they are interested in buying a product or a service, which is why your business needs to rank among the top results displayed by this search engine.

High ranking enables potential customers to find your business easier and turns it into a valid option when they make a buying decision. 

eCommerce SEO represents a reliable tool to reach potential customers without investing money in paid campaigns, and it grants your business access to new market segments.

An online shop focused on eCommerce SEO will increase organic traffic and provide a way to build a reputation as a trustworthy seller with potential customers.

What tactics and techniques can be used to improve your eCommerce SEO?

You can improve your online shop’s visibility by:

  • evaluating your website and eCommerce SEO strategy;
  • optimising your product descriptions:
  • comparing your site against those of your high ranking competitors;
  • publishing regular and relevant content for your target audience;
  • evaluating the performance of your store’s checkout process;
  • improving your Calls to Action.

Should you develop and implement an eCommerce SEO strategy, or use a specialised agency?

IF eCommerce SEO and all that it entails is your area of expertise, and IF you have resources (of people and time) dedicated to this process, you can, of course, do it in-house. But suppose you are not an expert in eCommerce SEO. In that case, we strongly recommend using the help of a professional agency, as they have experienced teams who dedicate all their time and efforts in designing and implementing eCommerce SEO strategies efficient for your online store.

Why choose us for your eCommerce SEO Agency Christchurch Services?

Simply put, because we are great at it. Our experience working with various customers across the globe has taught us to deliver fit-to-purpose-business solutions that make businesses more visible, easier to find by potential customers, and more profitable.

The list of services we provide includes:

eCommerce website design

From scratch, we build you a website that makes your business stand out in the crowd and rank high in SERPs. Your site needs to enable easy navigation, have a beautiful design and a modern, catchy layout, run without malfunctions or delays, and be eCommerce SEO optimised to stand out and rank well. All these elements are among those that attract and retain more website visitors, which you can turn into buying customers.


We would design a highly responsive mobile version of your site so that mobile shopping customers are not driven away to your competitors by a slow running mobile site. Mobile responsiveness is vital because Google uses this element to rank sites in search results.

Fast efficient cCommerce

Provide your online shop with all the eCommerce tools it needs to ensure smooth transactions for your customers. Over 39% of buyers say the determining factor in deciding to buy online instead of at a brick-and-mortar store is the speed of the transactions carried on an online store. Multiple payment gateway integrations, orders and inventory management, secure and quick checkout are among the tools we use to ensure the number of completed purchases increases, enabling your business to grow.

On-page and off-page SEO

Delivering efficient on-page and off-page SEO improves your shop’s ranking in search results. On-page SEO refers to actions performed directly on your website, whilst off-page SEO techniques include posting guest posts from experts in your area of activity on your website.

Contact our eCommerce SEO Agency Christchurch for results!

These are just a few examples of the strategies and techniques delivered by our eCommerce SEO agency Christchurch team. For more details on the services we provide, contact us. A team of specialists is ready to begin working on your eCommerce SEO strategy to bring in more traffic and sales for your online shop.

Small Powerful Team

Having no big office or staff onsite keeps our overheads low, enabling us to pass the savings onto you.

Meet Janet on the left and Sandra on the right.

Massive Advantage

By utilizing qualified staff from around the world.

Super Quick

Your website can be fully renovated or built in a week.

Excellent Support

We're just a phone call or email away.

"Here's what TW Wines said about our work..."

TW Wines engaged with Openbox Marketing to totally rebuild our website, and what a great job these guys did, not only revamped the whole look but also made the site mobile friendly. They also introduced online product payment, which has made a huge difference to the amount of sales that come through the website. Sandra and the team were so easy to deal with, and nothing was ever a problem.

Paul Tietjen

Co-owner of TW Wines

Would you like to start a project with our eCommerce SEO Agency Christchurch?

Why Choose Us?

We have a few good reasons why you should …

For us, it’s all about adding value to your business or brand.  

We take our client work seriously, but not ourselves. 

Either Sandra or Janet will take your call or answer your email personally.  Then we’ll communicate with you directly throughout your project.

Your business is unique, and so are your website and SEO requiements. There is no one size fits all here!

Not many website designers are SEO specialists.  But we are!

We are not a big agency and we know you want to keep costs down.

Our accreditations from the eBusiness Institute in Australia include:

  • SEO Website Design & Content Marketing – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Conversion Optimisation & WordPress Website Design – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Digital Marketing & SEO Audit – CERTIFIED PRO
  • Website Data Analytics & Reporting – CERTIFIED 
  • Webmaster Management & Website Security – CERTIFIED

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